A new year at university

Every year when September comes, I have the feeling that we are going to make a new start, a new season in church. The Masses always continue and the beginning of a new liturgical year will be in November, when advent starts, but in September there is the feeling of a new beginning, together with the re-start of studies.

As the student-chaplain and committee we had hoped to tell you enthusiastically about the coming months. There is a lot that we want to start. A new season of “Katholiek zo gek nog niet” about the faith, having evenings about the many colorful saints of our church, paying attention to the spirituality of the different religious congregations. We hoped to plan days of retreat and a pilgrimage and even many more

Apart from serious business, we wanted to organize a lot of social gatherings. Twice a year we have our bring-and-share dinner, where all participants bring a dish that is typical for their country, which accumulates to an international dinner. Also, we planned our annual bowling-night and after English Mass there are games- and movie nights planned, as soon as this is possible again.

Great plans and ideas, but all taking into account all the regulations because of this word starting with a C, Corona. We cannot see what the coming months will bring and how the Corona-virus will impede our plans, or that more will be possible then we fear for now… we know that we cannot be together with too many people and have to take care about the 1,5-meter distance between persons. At this moment, not more than 6 people are allow the be hosted in the private homes, and this also makes us think about what we can organize at this moment and what not..

On our website, email and app, we will keep you all updated about plans. Therefor we really need your email adresses and telephone-numbers! Please sent them on my email: pastoorakhjellema@gmail.com

If necessary, we will organize Bible studies and other activities on skype.

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